Concept for human habitation on Mars from ZA Architects, Germany, 2013: The subterranean dwelling would be dug out from the basalt rock by robots with the finishing touches — floors, oxygen, water — put in place by astronauts. The technology and wherewithal for such a far-out venture is pretty far down the road, but as architect Arina Ageeva says, “”Right now it is may not be possible, because such robotics do not exist, but generally we don’t see anything unrealistic in this proposition.”

(ZA Architects via Huffington Post)



Bruno Vergauwen is a Belgian visual artist. He studied in Antwerp for his Masters Degree in Graphic design and illustration. Being born into a family with creative minds alike, he had the freedom to developed his art from a very young age. After being an Art Director in Advertising for over ten years he decided to dedicate himself more to his personal non-commercial artwork and illustration.

Bruno likes the way every person looks at his work differently and enjoys the challenge of an assignment. He continues working at an Advertising Agency but his real passion lies with creating images and the different worlds that come with it.

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